Press release

The Municipality of West Samos, in order to manage all this practical proof of love and offer, created the website for the proper management and collection of sponsorships that the whole world is willing to give!

The term catastrophe is perhaps the only one that can describe the tragic picture after the deadly earthquake of 30-10-2020 of 6.7 Richter !!!

Our island mourns its children, its history, its monuments, a a lifetime  effort of all the inhabitants….

In these difficult times , the whole world is our support!

Your interest and your love have moved us!

One such move of humanity was the donation of the free construction of the website by

The iArk Digital & Social Media Agency eikona and Mr. Dimitris Vasileiou  , who in this way supports his hometown, our island !!!!

Thanking you in advance for your kind gesture , Mr. Vasileiou!

Municipality of Western Samos